Review: Thomas’s of York Pub and Kitchen, York

Thomas’s of York Pub and Kitchen claims to be York’s quirkiest pub, which is no small claim given the large number of pubs in York (there’s supposedly one for every day of the year!). However, I think they might be right. I’ve certainly never been anywhere quite like it!

From the moment you enter, you can tell that you are in for something a bit different. There are stuffed animals on the wall – but not like in an old hunting lodge. Think more of looney tunes characters and Garfield staring down on you as you enter. There are also amusing posters everywhere, offering services such as a “man-crèche” where ladies are encouraged to deposit their partners at the pub to be looked after for the day, allowing them to enjoy their shopping spree. The staff are also very friendly, and add to the quirky vibe. The first time I visited, our waiter tap-danced his way down the stairs – although his embarrassment at our round of applause might suggest it was because the place was quiet, rather than it being a usual occurrence.

Once you have taken in your surroundings, and soaked up the atmosphere, it is time to take a look at the menu. At first glance, everything is as you might expect from a pub menu, until you start to read the details. The chilli comes served in a dog bowl, and the wraps are made of Yorkshire pudding! I really think this would be a great place to come on a first date, because if nothing else you would be able to bond over the exciting way that the food is presented when it arrives. Luckily, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know, the food is as tasty as it looks. I was at first a little concerned that the quality of the food might have been overlooked in the attempt to create such a quirky pub, but I can confirm that that is not the case and you should enjoy eating your food as much as you enjoy watching it being served.

Make sure you leave room for dessert!

Make sure you leave room for dessert!

Make sure you leave room for dessert though! On both occasions that I have been, I have had the plant-pot pudding (pictured above) for dessert as I’ve never had anything like it. It looks great, and comes served in a plant-pot, complete with fake soil (crumbled oreo biscuits) and gummy worms. It also tastes great, and is certainly something to tell your friends about once you return home. If you fancy going somewhere a bit different, but want to be sure you’ll find something on the menu you will enjoy, then give Thomas’s a try – it’s certainly different!

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