Where has the summer gone?

The summer months usually pass by far too quickly, in a blink and you’ll miss it sort of way. I’m used to getting to September and wondering where the summer has gone, but I’m slowly getting better at accepting the change of season and the delights that Autumn can bring (roasted squash being one of the main things). But this year I feel a bit cheated. A lot of the things I’ve come to associate with the summer simply haven’t happened because the weather hasn’t been good enough. View Post

Hiking the Three Peaks (Snowdon/ Yr Wyddfa, Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike)

The National Three Peaks Challenge involves climbing the three highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales back to back, often within 24 hours. It is designed to be a challenge, and it’s not one I’ve done or have any intention of doing. However, I decided when I was in New Zealand, probably motivated by several months of hiking, that I did want to hike each of the ‘three peaks’ at my own leisure. I recently completed that aim, and this post shares a little bit about my experience, but also some thoughts on the National Three Peaks Challenge. View Post

Glamping in a Tipi at Wasdale National Trust Campsite

As much as I love being in the outdoors, camping has never really appealed to me. I think it’s partly because I didn’t do it as a child (when most people get their fond memories) but also because of the various camping disaster stories I’ve heard. Needing a loo in the night and having to traipse across a muddy field to get there didn’t appeal. Getting wet and having to put up and down a wet tent, plus the risk of it leaking, sounds like a weekend nightmare to me. And that’s without even thinking about things like mice, the challenges of cooking on a camping stove and much more. Whilst I love being outdoors, I also like being warm, dry and having a proper night’s sleep. View Post

A first timer’s guide to New Delhi: three day itinerary

This is my three day travel guide to New Delhi – an itinerary which will suit first time visitors to the city.

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I stopped eating meat for Lent but I’m not vegetarian yet

Apart from a two week period when I attempted to be a vegetarian in primary school because I was easily influenced by what my friends were doing, I’ve been pretty happy as an omnivore. I don’t eat meat with every meal, but I’ve also been happy to eat it. So what made me give up meat for Lent and how have I found it? View Post